5 Step Strategy for Downsizing Your Home

Posted on Aug 05, 2019 in Advice

5 Step Strategy for Downsizing Your HomeIn our “bigger is better” culture, there’s an expectation that each home should be larger and grander than the last. But life changes like divorce, kids leaving for college, or even the simple act of growing older can prompt us to find a smaller home that better suits our shifting needs and lifestyle.In fact...

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Serious About Selling? 5 Steps to Make Your Home the Best on the Block

Posted on Jun 10, 2019 in Advice

We all want to be good neighbors. But when it comes to selling your home, it’s not just about “keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s about outshining them at every opportunity!
If you’re looking to sell your home fast and for the most money possible, you’ll need a strategy to set it apart from all the other listings competing for buyers in your area. T...

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Top6 Home Organization Upgrades that “Spark Joy” for Buyers

Posted on May 06, 2019 in Advice

Thanks to Marie Kondo and her hit Netflix series “Tidying Up,” home organization is a hot topic right now. Marie encourages her viewers to minimize their possessions and keep only those items that “spark joy.”
With spring in full bloom, now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and add organizational systems to your own home. Not only will...

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Top10 Myths That Trip Up First-Time Home Buyers

Posted on Apr 03, 2019 in Advice

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’ve probably received your share of advice from family and friends. Add to that the constant stream of TV shows, news segments, and social media posts that over-simplify the home buying process for easy entertainment.
With so much information to sift through, it can be tough to distinguish fact from fiction...

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What’sYour Home Actually Worth? DiscoverWhat Buyers Will Pay in Today’s Market

Posted on Mar 07, 2019 in Advice

It’s easy to look up how much money you have in your savings account or the real-time value of your stock investments. But determining the dollar value of a home is trickier.
As a seller, knowing your home’s worth helps you price it correctly when you put it up for sale. If you price it too high, it may sit on the market. But price it too low and yo...

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Top8 Home Design and Remodeling Trends for 2019

Posted on Feb 06, 2019 in Advice

If you’re a current homeowner, or in the market to buy, you’re probably curious about the latest trends in home design.
Sellers who make strategic updates before listing a property can generate increased interest from buyers and, in some cases, a premium selling price. And buyers should consider which features of a home will need updating immediate...

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